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"A-Swinging Down The Lane" Track List
"A-Swinging Down The Lane"
WillettsCD1-Tracks: Lord Bateman, Riding Down to Portsmouth, The Rose of Ardee, The Game of Cards, A-Swinging Down the Lane, The Captain Called All Hands, The Rambling Sailor, The Bold Deserter, There is an Alehouse, Adieu to Old England, The Seeds of Love, The Blacksmith Courted Me, The Roaming Journeyman, The Folkestone Murder,  The American Stranger and six other songs sung by Tom Willett, 1960. WillettsCD2-Tracks: My Donkey, Green Mossy Banks of the Lee, The False Young Man and eight other songs and fragments sung by Tom Willett, 1960/1961. As I was going to Salisbury, The Old Miser, The Oyster Girl,  In Thorny Park, The Flower Girl sung by Chris Willett 1961/1962. The Strawberry Roan and The Little Baall of Yarn sung by Ben Willett 1961. While The Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping sung by Noah WIllett 1962.  The Coachman sung by Tom Willett Jnr 1962.
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While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping-Noah Willett 1962.mp3The Oyster Girl-Chris Willett 1962.mp3The Tan-Yard Side-Tom Willett 1961.mp3The Strawberry Roan-Ben Willett 1961.mp3My Donkey -Tom Willett 1960.mp3The American Stranger-Tom Willett 1960.mp3Adieu to Old England-Tom Willett 1960.mp3The Captain Called All Hands-Tom Willett 1960.mp3Riding Down to Portsmouth-Tom Willett 1960.mp3I'm a Romany RaiŠTom Willett 1960.mp3