Hampshire Voices - Hampshire's enduring legacy of folk song.
The Madding Crowd

Wassailing at Manor Farm, Botley
8th January, 2012

I have put video I recorded at Manor Farm, Botley on Sunday, 8th, January on the link below. It is on a hidden link, ie only viewable through the link on this webpage. It cannot be found from the Hampshire Voices website.

I did not video the Wassailing of the Fruit Trees.

Each video can be activated by clicking on the arrow on the thumbnail. It will open in a separate window within the page and start to play.

Please be patient – particularly with the Mummers Play video. Some of these are large files and depending on the speed of your internet connection may start to play and then stop to allow for buffering. If this a major problem I suggest pausing video by hovering cursor over video and then clicking on pause when the control bar can be seen. After more of the video has downloaded onto your PC (as can be seen in the bar) hit play and then it should play through without hesitating.

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