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Friday 18th May 2018 • Petersfield Museum, Petersfield, Hampshire

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8th-10th June 2018 • Dungworth, nr Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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Collected by George B. Gardiner

1909 Edition

Vol III of Folk-Songs From England, edited by Cecil J Sharp

Available to read online or download free from



MP3s of archive broadcasts on local radio have been added.

A 30m programme featuring local singers Dave Williams, Tim Radford, Steve Jordan and Geoff Jerram with narration by Dave Williams.
Broadcast on BBC Radio Solent on 25th January, 1973 in their Sounds of the South series.

A 30m programme featuring local group Hampshire Union ( Dudley Savage, Bob Crease, Jon Witcher, Chris Mitchell and Geoff Jerram) plus Karen Mitchell and Harold Penney.
Broadcast on BBC Radio Solent as part of the 'Folkscene with Sibby' Wednesday night programmes. Date unknown.

A FOLK OPERA featuring local singers, written by Paul Hawkins and Adge Henshaw.
Portsmouth; Hung, Drawn and Quartered was written for a competition at the fourth Folk Under Aries at Romsey in the Queen's Silver Jubilee Year (1977).
A recording of it was broadcast on Shep Woolley's programme on Radio Victory in 1979.

The programmes and further information on them can be found here.



The final two songbooks in the Marrowbones series, have published in one volume under the title 'Southern Harvest'.
This concludes a decade of work to revise and update the original, influential series of the 60s and 70s edited by the late Frank Purslow who selected songs from the early manuscript collections of The Hammond Brothers in Dorset and Dr George Gardiner in Hampshire, which are among the most important nineteenth century collections of English folk song.

Further information here.


The second of the EDFS Hammond & Gardiner songbooks edited by Frank Purslow
For more information and order details click here
Note: there were only a few copies left. It may now be sold out.


Folk Songs of Old Hampshire
Edited and compiled by John Paddy Browne (Milestones Publications, Horndean, 1987). A very nicely produced book of some 32 songs. Songs about Hampshire and songs collected in Hampshire, including some collected by Gardiner.

Something far above a mere song book. Each song is well and fully annotated. The book sits comfortably on my shelves, a worthy addition to, and in happy accord with its neighbours. – Bob Copper

What made the book for me were the descriptive notes for each song, both from the historical point of view, and for discovering things about the county in which I have lived for the past 37 years. – Solent Waves

Out of print but John Paddy still has a number of his books in mint condition. Copies can be purchased from the author for £7.50 inclusive of post and packing (UK). Contact: to be forwarded to author.


Another song from John Paddy Browne's song-book Folk Songs of Old Hampshire has been performed and uploaded to YouTube by P.M.Adamson.

Peter has sent a message with the latest song: This is my latest effort 'The Bounty'. This has been a bit of an epic for me as it had 16 verses and I was reluctant to use the same tune throughout. I have therefore taken quite a few liberties and written a few new tunes.(There is a deliberate hint of Drunken sailor in parts) I was able to acquire some film clips which were in the Public Domain so have achieved a Movie rather than a slide show which I hope adds to the overall effect.
Hope you all like it and thanks for your support in this venture.
Best wishes to you all in Hampshire.

Watch Peter's latest upload The Bounty here.

It is good to know that John Paddy's great little book is inspiring people to sing the songs within it. Peter has uploaded three other songs from it:



"THE HOME OF THE GERMAN BAND" Gardiner's 1902 article

Bob Askew has transcribed Gardiner's article "The home of the German Band" and a 12pp PDF of it can be found here.

Michael Gilcher - The German Bandmaster whom Gardiner met
This is a great example of the internet working as it should. I was contacted recently by William Gilcher, great-great-grandson of Michael Gilcher, the German bandmaster, whom Gardiner met in the 1890s and later wrote about in his article "The home of the German Band" which was published in Blackwood's magazine, Edinburgh in 1902. William had read Bob Askew's brilliant biography of Dr George Gardiner on Hampshire Voices and wished to get in contact with Bob.

"I would like to contact Mr. Bob Askew, whose article about George Gardiner so interested me. My great-great-grandfather, Michael Gilcher, was the German bandmaster whom Gardiner visited in the 1890s. I have just returned from the funeral of my distant cousin Egon Gilcher, who is the last of the family to still live in the same house in Essweiler that George Gardiner described in his article in Edinburgh Magazine.

My own great-grandfather came in 1873 as a young man to Boston with his father’s band. He died in 1951.

You should know that there is quite a bit about Michael and the tradition of traveling musicians (as well as a translation of Gardiner’s article) on the website of the town of Essweiler. Dieter Hahn is the webmaster; he discovered the Gardiner piece a couple of years ago. I had heard about Gardiner a number of years ago, but no one had any specific information. This was pre-internet days, so it was very difficult to find out anything about a mythical Scotsman who had visited Essweiler in the 1890s…

Best wishes to your whole team!

William Gilcher

William has posted a photograph of Michael Gilcher's Harmonia Band and information about it on his website. It can be found here.


Hampshire Voices is very pleased to publish online Bob Askew's research into Gardiner's early days and musical influences.

A 22pp A5 booklet with 18 illustrations in PDF format
Amended 11.4.17

Researched and written by Bob Askew

To view in Acrobat just click on the image.
It is an 8mb file so may take time to load


New CD Recordings See CD and Other Recordings page for full details.

Amsher Sings Hampshire Songs Much awaited CD from popular local trio.

A. Winter's Songs New solo CD from Annie Winter.

Only Remembered featuring the late Sarah Morgan has been issued by Wildgoose Records.

Tom Goblin Gwilym Davies' new CD includes songs collected in Hampshire.

From Spithead Roads Tim Radford's CD featuring Maritime songs collected by Gardiner.

Wight Cockade The Dollymops, The Isle of Wight's acclaimed harmony trio.



I'm very sorry to pass on the sad news that Sarah Morgan, stalwart of the local folk scene and nationally and internationally respected singer with the widely acclaimed harmony group Craig:Morgan:Robson died during the night of Saturday 14th September/Sunday 15th, 2013.

She had been diagnosed with cancer but continued singing and playing for as long as she was able.

Sarah was an active member of the Hampshire Songs Group and did a great deal to highlight and research the work of George Gardiner. Through her solo work, the community choirs she inspired and led and with Craig:Morgan:Robson, Sarah championed the songs Gardiner collected in Hampshire.

An obituary can be found on the Guardian website:

This is a blog that shows the great affection and respect that people had for Sarah. She will be greatly missed.

Moria Craig posted this on the above thread on 9th October, 2013:

The viva for sarah's doctorate took place last night. the University agreed for it to go ahead without her. Carolyn conducted Winchester choir, 2 members who were on the Choir leaders course led and taught two pieces of new and work in process pieces and Carolyn, Mary Eagle and myself sang three songs that Sarah had either written or created the harmonies for. It was a brilliant night and the examiners were visably moved.

"I am very proud to announce that Sarah has just been awarded the Professional Doctorate by Contribution to Public Work at the University of Winchester. The examiners were extremely impressed with her submission and were very happy to make the posthumous award. Congratulations Sarah, we are all very proud of your work and what a wonderful legacy to leave to all of us. You are greatly missed and an inspiration to everyone xx"

Here is the link to the Viva Presentation.


There were a number of events that will be of interest:

A memorial evening for John Edgar Mann
with Pete Coe, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Tim Laycock
and The Solent City Jazzmen

Was a great success. All the performers were on top form and the event was very well attended.
£1420 was raised and divided equally between Cancer Research UK and Lewy Body Society.

There is a page dedicated to the evening on the Forest Tracks website.



Tim Radford, who sang in two concerts in October (see Events), has a new CD – "From Spithead Roads" FTCD 211.

It features 21 maritime songs which were all collected in Hampshire 1905-1909 by Dr George Gardiner. An opportunity to hear local sea songs and shanties collected over 100 years ago.
Some are unaccompanied but on others Tim has called upon his friends, Jacek Sulanowski and Tom Goux to sing on the chorus and John Roberts to sing harmony and play the Anglo Concertina.
Jacek, Tom and John are all well known and respected singers of sea songs in the USA, which is where Tim now lives.

Click on linked title to be taken to the webpage for further information and MP3 audio clips.



Annie Winter, who has a lovely voice, has a new CD – "Like A Small Bird In A Cage".

14 unacompanied songs, mostly traditional. Click on linked title for sample audio clips.

1. Box Upon Her Head
2. A Blacksmith
3. Cruel Ship's Carpenter
4. Isle of France
5. Grey Cockerel
6. Diego's Bold Shore
7. Sheepcrook and Blackdog
8. Joe Peel
9. The Drowned Lover
10. Catch Me If You Can
11. The Swallow Song
12. Abroad As I Was Walking
13. Blue Bleezing Blind Drunk
14. Farewell

Annie can be found singing in folk clubs along the south coast most nights of the week, where she has rightfully become well known for her singing of traditional and more modern songs.
More recently she has been a member of the Hampshire Songs Group, singing and promoting the songs collected by Dr George Gardiner in the early years of the C20.

Further information:
or read her blog here:

To purchase her CD, which costs £8, please


Steve Roud gets EFDSS Gold Badge

Steve Roud, (of Roud numbers and Roud Index fame), has justly been awarded an EFDSS Gold Badge. He received it on 15th March 2012 at Cecil Sharp House, London.

Steve has been a vital part of the team that set up the Take6 project, making the George Gardiner Collection (amongst others) available to all online.

Congratulations and very many thanks Steve.


Tim Radford on Soundcloud

Tim has uploaded a number of songs onto SoundCloud.
Included are a set of Hampshire Songs and 5 Penal Transportation songs

  1. The Hampshire songs are:
  2. Adieu to all Judges & Juries - George Blake
  3. Adieu to Old England - George Blake
  4. Welcome the Harvest Home - Frank Harrington
  5. The Murder of John James - Albert Doe
  6. Come Come my Brave Boys - Frederick Fennemore
  7. Beautiful Nancy - Mrs. Munday of Axford Hampshire,
    (Tim constructed the final two verses from versions also collected locally from
    Messrs. William Hill, William Garrett, Charles Biggs and an unknown singer.)


Andover Museum Loft Singers' New CD

The Andover Museum Loft Singers Community Choir launched their recently recorded CD, ‘The Bedmaking’, on Friday 2nd March at The Fairground Hall, Weyhill, near Andover, with a performance of songs arranged by their conductor, Paul Sartin.

Paul is a singer, musician, composer, arranger, conductor and teacher, as well as being a member of Bellowhead, Belshazzar’s Feast and Faustus. Having gained an Honours degree and Choral Scholarship at Oxford, he was awarded a First for his Masters in Traditional Music, and is the recipient of a 75th Anniversary Award from the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

The Loft Singers are a community choir formed in 1996 by Roger Watson. They sing unaccompanied harmony arrangements of English Traditional Music. This, their second CD, is a rich mosaic of songs from Hampshire and beyond.

Further information:



A Database of Tunes to Songs Collected by Gardiner in Hampshire
Thanks to the superb Take6 website George Gardiner's original song texts, musical notation, notebooks and correspondence can be accessed very easily.
I am working towards a listening database of the tunes to be available on Hampshire Voices.
Each tune will be playable via the usual web audio formats and will be cross referenced using the relevant Take6 reference number. This will enable those who might wish to learn a song but cannot read the musical notation (like me) to view a song on the Take6 website and listen to the tune on the Hampshire Voices database.
With over 1200 songs collected by George Gardiner and the addition of the songs collected by Bob Copper and many others, building the tunes database will be a huge task and a long job.

If you can read music and would be willing to play tunes from the Gardiner Collection on the Take6 website for the Hampshire Voices tunes database, please get in touch. I would be very pleased to hear from you:


A Hampshire Collection
Gwilym Davies has updated and revised his book, A Hampshire Collection. It now includes some new material, and songs and tunes from the Paul Marsh collection
It has 17 songs, 8 tunes and a mummers play, all collected in the field by Gwilym and Carol Davies or Paul Marsh from traditional performers. These are set out in legible form with musical notation, background notes and photographs of some of the informants, plus woodcut illustrations.

For more information on A Hampshire Collection please click here

Gwilym was interviewed on BBC Radio Solent on 20.1.11 about this book.
The interview is no longer on BBC iPlayer but it can still be heard by clicking here
(By kind permission of BBC Radio Solent.)


The Song Goes On...
Limited Edition Double CD of Evening Concert at Twyford
It has been decided that the DAT recording of the concert that was part of the George Gardiner Centenary weekend is worthy of issue and Forest Tracks will produce a limited edition of 100 x 2 CD-R sets, plus an illustrated accompanying booklet.
Each and every performer who took part will have a gratis copy. The remainder will be sold both through the FT website and in Twyford Post Office.

This is still in production, but we hope the finished CDs will be available soon.

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